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Pest control software: Office software, technician app and customer portal! This way, you meet all the requirements of IPM. You can also see reports from various digital traps coming into PestScan. The best pest solution.

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"We believe PestScan is the leading digital system available - not too complicated, but near to the practical necessities in the world of a PCO. Best choice you could’ve made to partner up with them."


"We are much more efficient now! It's a very modern app. Now we can make sure there are no more outdated paper logs!

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"From our most important customer I heard that the auditor from Lloyds (FSSC 22000) said that, in his opinion, PestScan is very good when compared to other digital logbooks. I thought I should let you know. Put it in your pocket and keep up the good work!"

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You are an expert in your field and you want your pest control technicians to do what they are good at. Your schedule if full of appointments and your company runs very well. You are always busy and make long evening hours on your administration and still the work is not finished. You want to deliver superb professional services to your customers that meets the latest demands of the market which also meets the requirements of IPM. Therefore, PestScan delivers the best pest control management software and app with a customer login. The software is also linked to the “digital traps” or “electronic traps” of e.g. Traplinked, e-Mitter, and Xignal.

PestScan software for pest controllers digitizes all your work.

PestScan offers the best pest solution and consists of office software, a technician app and a customer portal. You can work simultaneously at the office, with several technicians in their apps and with lots of customers in the portal.

The app can be used offline, enabling you to continue working in places without internet such as basements or remote countryside. All information is stored in an organized way, because everybody works in the same pest control management software system.







Our app can be used offline!

The PestScan app can be used offline so that you can always continue to work, even in a basement or in a remote area without internet! It is cloud based pest control software and loads at the moment internet is available.

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How does PestScan software for pest controllers work?

The pest control technician opens the PestScan app on his phone every morning and then sees which companies he has to visits. When he arrives at the site, he opens the work order and sees the floor plan with all the traps and monitors on it. He can enter his observations while being offline and, so that he can work uninterruptedly in basements or remote areas.

During his inspection, he can immediately and easily create new check points on the map if necessary. With photos and recommendations, he immediately gives the customer all tasks that must be followed up. He finalizes the visit on his phone and the customer’s signature can optionally be added. In addition, the app has many other options.

With PestScan Planning you always have an overview of what the technicians do and which companies they visit that day. You can easily manage their schedules from the office and you can easily move or schedule new visits when a customer calls.

In addition, you can schedule all visits in one go for a year and then adjust this to personal wishes. The screen on the computer shows the adjacent calendars for several employees side. The technicians  see the visits for the whole week on in the app on their telephone. PestScan is pest control software for small business , bigger business or very big business. The clear planning does make it very efficiënt.

The technician uses the app to register all materials that he has used on site. This helps you to track from the office exactly what materials were used at each customer. You can also track the amount of stock that each technician has in his car. PestScan offers pest control management software and clearly indicates when stock needs to be replenished.

You can customize PestScan software to a large degree. You can choose what symbols and what colors to use on the floor plans, whether you want to indicate bait consumption in percentages or in numbers and, last but not least, whether you want to use barcode scanning.

If you want to use scanning, stick barcode or QR code labels on the monitors and traps and link them to a checkpoint on the floor plan. At the next visit the technician simply scans the barcode or QR code and the correct checkpoint is displayed in the app. The trend is that fewer PCOs use barcode scanning and prefer to simply open the checkpoints by ticking them on the floor plan.

At the end of a working day, you no longer have to work overtime on your administration because all data is automatically synchronized from the app as PestScan is cloud based pest control software. As soon as the technician connects to the internet, all data is sent from the app to your office.

Follow up visits are immediately planned, trend analysis are extended to include the last visit, recommendations can be viewed by your customers on their computers and all stock is updated. All visits are ready to be invoiced.

PestScan is at the forefront of modern developments in the world of Pest Control. Our software can connect to various types of electronic mouse traps for permanent monitoring. All trap alerts from these traps are forwarded to PestScan. In the near future we expect to connect fly lamp images and camera traps to PestScan as well. In this way, all data is combined into one system.

The reports meet modern demands the time. The customer can view the trends and the recommendations that the technician has created. The customer can also view the photos that are attached to the recommendations and register how he has followed up on the recommendations. The digital logbook shows what activities where done so the customer can show the auditor that he meets all requirements. PestScan offers a professional pest control reporting software.

The customer can log into the system. At the office, you can grant rights to a customer and make certain areas visible or invisible. You also decide whether visit reports should be sent to your customer at once after a visit or that you review the technician’s work before making the report available to your customer.

PestScan software is used in more than 30 countries

Ten years ago Jan Smits embarked on the adventure as pest control software programmer in the world of pest control. The pest control market was begging for a good pest solution, a software product specialized to their demands. We are now 10 years down the road and have grown into a large international company.

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