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26 Languages

You work in a country where several languages are spoken.  Or you work at an international company that operates in multiple countriesd.  Part of your staff works in one language, another part in a second language.  Can PestScan then run in the different languages?

PestScan is fully multilingual.

“Yes, it can!  Belgian, Swiss, Canadian, and Luxembourg customers are already gratefully using it.  And just to be clear, PestScan makes it possible for each company to choose a different language in which the software is displayed.  PestScan then speaks English, or German, or …. you name it.

Bilingual countries

You can quickly request a second language at PestScan. Companies located in bilingual countries get a second language for free.

Auditing in other languages

However, should a client be audited by someone from the international office he works for, the language can also be temporarily converted to the language the auditor speaks.  Everything in PestScan will then appear in the desired language.

Good to know: Contact our sales department for more information about all PestScan features

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