Givan Angelentina

A professional start with PestScan as a starting pest controller

Givan Angelentina of G.A. Pest Control began working as a pest controller at a large pest management company in the Netherlands in 2017. There he completed his training to become a pest controller. First one year as an apprentice and then certified on the road. In 2019, he started working for himself as an independent pest controller. First of all, it was not Givan’s plan to become an entrepreneur. But a more significant change in his life prompted him to do so. “I have a 3-year-old son and I would like to give him something to take with him for when he grows up. Of course, I don’t know if the profession of pest control will appeal to him later, but at least this way I can give him something tangible.” As a starting pest controller, PestScan was a logical step to take towards professionalizing his business.

At his current employer, Givan came into contact with PestScan because there were colleagues who worked with it. So when he started his own business, he chose the budget license of PestScan. This version has all the functionalities for the starting pest controller.

‘I work daily with PestScan’s mobile app, all my textual and visual observations I document quickly and completely in the app’

A professional start as a beginning pest controller

PestScan offers all the features that are important for a one-man business. A mobile app for recording on-site observations with attached photos, office software for customer management and more. So you start from day one professionally and completely.

“The floor plan and the measurement points you add to it I use a lot. I also find the recommendations that I provide all clients with pictures work very well and quickly. My client can then view and follow the recommendation online.” For Givan, working with PestScan’s mobile app is very nice and intuitive. “I do everything with the app when I’m with customers. I immediately add a picture of a floor plan to new customer and put in all the measuring points.”

Dealing with changes in the market

“I notice that legislation is starting to change, which sometimes makes it harder to control properly” When I started new in the pest control profession, I learned during training to work with repellent and traps. That was my foundation then and still is now”

Due to the changes regarding Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Givan notices that as a pest controller, you have to work differently. A digital logbook with all visit data has become much more important in recent years. Also the increased importance of animal welfare and ecological control have caused changes on a national level. “The importance of certification will grow in the years to come. This is because as of January 1, 2023, stricter requirements must also be met for indoor rodent control.”

Good to know: In PestScan, as a beginning pest controller, you can safely store all your obtained certificates. 

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