Our story

We help you run a professional registration system

Together, we look at how you can set up and manage the software, mobile app and customer portal. In doing so, we keep in mind that your business operations will become more efficient, more professional and more complete in a way that suits you and your company. In addition, our helpdesk staff will always support you with your questions. Our international head office is located in the Netherlands and the team works from the Netherlands, Germany, France, Iceland, Czech Republic, Spain and Turkey.

PestScan is used all over the globe

No border is too far for us and we are used to working with customers in more than 35 countries and 26 languages!

It started 10 years ago...

Ten years ago Jan Smits embarked on his adventure as a software programmer in the world of Pest Control. The pest control market was asking for a good software product specifically designed to their needs. Software that grows with the developments in the market so the pest control technicians can work in a professional way. For then years, PestScan has been updating the software at least four times a year so the number of features has grown enormously. We have really become a specialist in the market and sometimes people joke: “Jan speaks the language of rats and mice!”. To help more pest control professionals we have chosen to expand abroad. Step by step more countries were added: Belgium, Germany, France and at the moment our product is used world wide in over 25 languages. From our small country we now work on all six continents! Our team has expanded with a programming team, a sales team and a support team. Meet our team.
Jan Smits

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A dedicated team

With a team of specialists, we work heart and soul on our product to make the work of pest controllers, auditors and food companies, among others, easier.

Jan Smits


General Manager

I build PestScan up from the ground and just love writing program code. I am a Microsoft certified programmer. I hope I will always have the time to program myself. With the help of a team, we continue to add to the program. I love languages and communicate with the whole world about PestScan. My vision is to make PestScan even more complete and beautiful as it is today, but never at the price of performance or user friendliness. Long time ago, I used to work as a teacher and today I still teach, but now about PestScan.

Ike Smits


Business advisor

As a creative thinker, I work as a business advisor. This means that I assist management in thinking about the company’s direction. Long ago, I graduated in pest control from the Agricultural College. I did sales activities at PestScan for years. This background helps me understand the market well.


Business Developer

Due to my creative mindset and constant search for a solution, I would like to expand Pestscan into other countries.

In the past few years, I have gained a lot of experience in customer service with different countries.

There’s no such thing as impossible for me, I’m always looking for a solution for my team and for the customers.

Personal customer contact is very important to me. If you have a problem, I like to think along with you.

In my free time, I like to row on the beautiful Reeuwijk lakes or cycle through nature.


HRM & Sales | International

At PestScan I work in sales for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I enjoy being in contact with people. That’s why I like to be in contact with you. I am happy to support you in your purchase decision and the introduction of PestScan. My studies in work and organisational psychology help me to recognise your wishes and to find successful solutions in order to increase your satisfaction with PestScan.


Customer Support

I am responsible for customer support to our Dutch speaking customers. In this way I meet a lot of customers. In addition, I sometimes help when other things need to be arranged within the company. The fact that I am currently studying Physics often comes in handy. In addition, I learn French in my spare time and would like to fully master it. Finally, I like to meet up with friends in my spare time.


Sales | Germany

At PestScan, I am responsible for sales in Germany. The acquisition of new customers and the support of existing customers are my main tasks. Through a good cooperation, the software can be implemented quickly at your company. You can always reach me for help and advice since my main goal is your satisfaction!

In my free time, I like to be outside with my dog or do smaller DIY projects.


Technical Support Engineer

At PestScan, I take on the support tasks that require more technical or extensive knowledge. This way, I can relieve the rest of the team and they can focus on growth and quality. With my broad background in both psychology and programming, I can respond well to different customer questions and hope to provide the customer with clear solutions.

Pia Ledere


Customer Support

I work for PestScan at the support department for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. My experience in the import business comes as a great help. In my free time I love to meet friends. At PestScan, I enjoy the contact with customers and I like to help pest controllers when they have questions about the software. If the customer is happy, then I am happy!

Eugenie de Lange


Financial Administration

I have been working at PestScan for ten years now and it has been a pleasure. My responsibility is the financial administration. Precision and accuracy are words that fit to me as it is important for me to carry out my work well. I consider that my mission and I am contented when all is correct and this is very important in view of PestScan’s rapid growth.



Software developer

Technology is evolving at an ever-increasing rate, but the domain that requires a technical solution stays roughly the same. My biggest interests lay in delving deeper into the domain, to understand it, and find elegant solutions that best bridge the gap between the problem, the resources, and the future. For PestScan, I will be taking responsibility for its technical solutions, steering to find the best match for the landscape in which she resides.


Online Marketeer

As a creative jack-of-all-trades, I am responsible for creating online content. Both with images and words. I also have a background in ICT. I can combine this experience well when creating content.

Besides my work for PestScan I am active as a freelance photographer and piano teacher.


Project manager

As a project manager, my job is to start, work out and internally supervise our innovation projects.

Furthermore, PestScan is growing strongly as an organization. Here too, I support the realization of a good development of the organization.

Outside my work I have all kinds of short term hobbies which can almost be considered as small projects.


Software developer

As a software developer, I am responsible to find the best and quickest solution for the customer.

My goal is to help PestScan and her customers to create a fast and expanding software that helps the customers by solving their problems! In my spare time I enjoy delving deeper in new technologies to help me further understand the optimal ways of development.


Customer Support

At PestScan, I do support for the Dutch customers. What I like about this is that every day I have a new puzzle to solve, for and with the customer. I carry out this work alongside my Master’s degree in Food Technology, which focuses on accuracy and solution-focused work, which comes in useful at PestScan. Besides my work and studies, I have several hobbies including reading, sports and cooking.


Sales | Germany

At PestScan, I am responsible for sales in Germany. The acquisition of new customers and the support of existing customers are my main tasks. Through a good cooperation, the software can be implemented quickly at your company. You can always reach me for help and advice since my main goal is your satisfaction!

In my free time, I like to be outside with my dog or do smaller DIY projects.

How does PestScan work?

The trial version of PestScan allows you to try all functionalities for 1 month, completely free of any payment obligation. During this month, our customer service will be available on business days to assist you if needed.

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