Bilingual Pest Control Software

“Working with PestScan in two languages works great!” says Bram van Balen of Ten Dijk Plaagdierbeheersing B.V. and TDS GmbH. “You just switch from one account to the other. It’s ideal that it’s set up identically. We find the uniform work a great advantage.”

Bram explains that Ten Dijk is a German and a Dutch company. They have therefore chosen to work with two PestScan licenses. We do have employees who work in both countries and for both companies and that works well as long as the pest controllers log into the right app. Because the program is really written from the practice, the field staff likes to work with it.

‘Working with PestScan in two languages works great, you easily switch between the two different accounts.’

Bram van Balen – Ten Dijk Plaagdierbeheersing en TDS GmbH

Any language is possible

Does your company work in a bilingual or multilingual context because your customers speak different languages or you work in multiple countries? Then it is convenient that PestScan can be used in multiple languages. By now, PestScan’s pest control software is used in 27 languages. In alphabetical order these are:

In the future, languages can easily be added here.

Benefits of bilingual or multilingual pest control software

We now know from practical experience that working with bilingual or multilingual pest control software offers several advantages. What we hear a lot is:

  1. You can serve your customers in their own language;
  2. Your pest controller can work in his/her own language;
  3. There is less chance of errors;
  4. You stand out in the marketplace;
  5. You deliver uniform work.

How bilingual software works

The moment a company works in multiple countries or in a bilingual country, it is easy to use multilingual. For example, we see Dutch companies that also have customers in Germany. Or a Canadian company that works in both French and English.

Simply put, both the pest controller and the pest controller’s customer can use the pest control software in the language of their choice. At the same time, the pest controller advises in the language the customer speaks.

Good to know: Contact our sales department if you would like more information about the possibilities with bilingual software.

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