Pest Control Software that fits the needs of ‘any’ pest controller

Pest control software and a mobile app where our customers can influence the final product are important to us at PestScan. In Paris, during Parasitec 2021, Jan Smits (CEO) talks to Manuel Idalécio. Manuel has been using the office application in combination with PestScan’s mobile app for two years now in his company Dionisio Services […]

Bilingual Pest Control Software

“Working with PestScan in two languages works great!” says Bram van Balen of Ten Dijk Plaagdierbeheersing B.V. and TDS GmbH. “You just switch from one account to the other. It’s ideal that it’s set up identically. We find the uniform work a great advantage.” Bram explains that Ten Dijk is a German and a Dutch […]

A professional start with PestScan as a starting pest controller

Givan Angelentina of G.A. Pest Control began working as a pest controller at a large pest management company in the Netherlands in 2017. There he completed his training to become a pest controller. First one year as an apprentice and then certified on the road. In 2019, he started working for himself as an independent […]

With PestScan all your recommendations are easily accessible and complete


As a pest control company, you consider high customer engagement all too important. Good cooperation is the basis for faster and better results in prevention. Do you also see the importance of a common online platform for recording and maintaining recommendations? PestScan is currently working on the renewal of the recommendations module. Input from the […]

Digital traps and PestScan, the most efficient way of pest control

PestScan cooperates with several partners that provide digital traps. We would like to support you in being able to monitor locations efficiently. How nice would it be if you could monitor the situation of control points at your customer’s site in real-time online? You can easily connect digital traps, including those from Traplinked, to PestScan’s […]

Your data stored safely at PestScan

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Where are my data stored? Safely Stored All of PestScan’s data is stored in our database on the server, which in practice is also called the Cloud and is simply a computer located somewhere. In our case, we have our own server in the Netherlands which only we, as employees of PestScan, can access. Our […]

The future of pest control is digital

digitalisering plaagdierbestrijding

The success of the PestScan and Xignal combination “Do you think we have to switch to digital traps?” A question that goes round in our network. Certainly, the need to correctly store and use data to improve services is growing. PestScan has years of experience to register and to make pest control plans efficient and […]

PestScan and digital traps, the new future….


There is a new future ahead of us in the pest world, where the use of digital mouse and rat traps will rapidly increase. I choose to speak of “digital traps” in this article, but they are also called electronic traps or smart traps. The application of these traps is often called “digital – or […]

Well-documented work as a requirement of IPM

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Many countries have imposed significant restrictions on the use of biocides outside the home, and as a pest controller you are expected to document your work well. Thus, working well documented is a requirement of IPM. But what is considered good documentation and how can you realize this? In the past everyone worked on paper, […]

IPM more effective with a digital logbook

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What is IPM? The abbreviation IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management and has become a well-known concept in the world of pest management. In short, IPM means that a pest controller uses all possibilities before switching to the use of designated pesticides. Because the recording of information has become so important, the use of the […]