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The future of pest control is digital

The success of the PestScan and Xignal combination

“Do you think we have to switch to digital traps?” A question that goes round in our network. Certainly, the need to correctly store and use data to improve services is growing. PestScan has years of experience to register and to make pest control plans efficient and workable. The digital mouse and rat traps from Xignal are completely in line with this.

Overview of 377 locations

PestScan and Xignal recently collaborated with the Austrian system integrator BTM energy on a tailor-made system. The customer wants to improve efficiency in pest control at 377 locations they maintain.

PestScan and Xignal have linked the software so that all activities of the traps are visible in the system 24/7. “It is fantastic to see with your own eyes how the information comes in. The traps change color on the map, so you know exactly where something is going on. The traps give three messages: armed, closed with catch and closed without catch. In addition, we can also see the temperature and the capacity of the battery in the overview”, says an enthusiastic Jan Smits – General Manager PestScan.

The specially made log gives the administrator an overview of all traps. This allows the manager to direct his pest control agents in a targeted manner and deploy them efficiently and professionally, while complying with the requirements of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Important differences between sites become clear and a pest expert can conduct more extensive research into the cause of this. In addition, he can easily substantiate his advice and reports with photos, tables, and graphs in PestScan.

The digital future

PestScan and Xignal continue to work closely together as a result of the successful implementation. The changing legislation regarding IPM, non-tox, the updated overview screens and accelerated information provision also show us that this is the future. “As soon as you are used to this way of working, you don’t want anything else,” says Marien van Breugel – Technical Manager Dimo Systems Contact us today for more information.

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