Digital traps and PestScan, the most efficient way of pest control

PestScan cooperates with several partners that provide digital traps. We would like to support you in being able to monitor locations efficiently. How nice would it be if you could monitor the situation of control points at your customer’s site in real-time online? You can easily connect digital traps, including those from Traplinked, to PestScan’s office software, eliminating the need for unnecessary on-site monitoring.

Our partner Traplinked

The German company Traplinked develops effective solutions for pest control. This fast-growing company distinguishes itself with traps that contain rechargeable batteries, so you can easily replace a battery with a life of one and a half years by yourself.

PestScan provides a stable link between the digital trap and the office software, so you have real-time data from the trap on site. The digital traps work through a WiFi connection as well as through the mobile network. In addition, the digital traps can be configured on site in a short period of time, so you can get started quickly.

Integration of digital traps with PestScan

Our software is known for its versatility of functionalities. Within the ‘company setup’ module you can assign digital traps per customer. By investing your time in digitizing pest control, you save travel time. This leaves you time for prevention. PestScan fits the current standard of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Easy, reliable and yet fast pest control becomes reality with PestScan. Please contact us for more information on the link to digital traps.

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