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Do you know the value of your inventory?

How many fly lamps or mouse boxes do I have? Where are they? Who pays for them? Are they disappearing? How do I keep an overview? What is my stock value?

“It is so important to have an overview”.

Are they with the customers? Or with my staff in the car? I had ordered 100 of them anyway! How come I only have five left? You just really have no idea.

It keeps you busy. In quiet moments, e.g. when you’re behind the wheel and have a moment to think, you mull this over. Meanwhile, you try to calculate what it has cost you and feel a stomach ache coming on.

Do you recognise that? We do!

It is so important to have an overview.

You just want to know immediately how many are left in the warehouse. How many are in the cars of the different employees, at Peter, Michael, etc… Then you know how much you have, you know if you need to order extra!

And anything not in the warehouse will hopefully be with your customer. And perhaps you wonder if it will be neatly listed on the bill. After all, you want every fly lamp that you purchased to be paid for.

Keeping an overview with PestScan stock management

With the basic license, you can already use the feature to have automatic stock deduction when your technicians put out materials. Then you can see how much stock you have left, and on the work order, you can see what the customer used.

If you have ordered the module “Stock management” you can also see in an excellent overview how much your employees still have in their car, how much you have in the warehouse and whether you need to adjust. You can also set the system to notify you if you have less than a certain number of items in stock.

With the extension Stock Control you always have insight into the stock of all your vehicles and warehouse

And to look ahead to the future…..we are at an advanced stage of upgrading the stock management module. That will give you an even better dashboard to keep an overview. It will then be even easier to discover what is going right or wrong. So, you may only need to speak to one employee. How wonderful to have a better overview.

And as a result, you also optimize your profits. More profit through overview!

Good to know: Contact our sales department for more information about all PestScan features

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