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Do you want to take your service to a higher quality level this year?

What are your quality targets for 2022? How is your professional pest management certification coming along? Parties such as CEPA and ISO have developed a range of standards that can help you raise the quality of your service. It also provides a measure of confidence to your customers that you are professional in your services.

What do you record at the customer?

Working according to Integrated Pest Management requires documentation. This is good for both you and your client, so that you can control more effectively. What do you document during a customer visit?

  • The level and nature of the infestation.
  • Notes on local conditions that perpetuate the problem.
  • Details of actions taken: e.g. repellent and added baiting points.
  • Recommendations to the client for limiting the spread of the infestation.

Take photos easily with the mobile app for quality registrations.

Registering the level of infestation

On site, the technician will carry out registrations using the PestScan mobile app. He can use the map in the app to walk past all the checkpoints. Here he registers the use of lures or catches in traps. He also takes pictures of points of attention for the client. If necessary, barcode scanning can be used.

Recommendations for the client

Notes on local problems at the location are noted in the form of recommendations by the technician in the mobile app. This can be changed afterwards in the office software when checking the work order.

With the customer portal, your customer has full insight into your registration process. No discussion afterwards!

Customer portal

Customer involvement in the process is very important for successful pest management. In PestScan, the client has the possibility to see all the recommendations, but also to monitor the development of bait recordings and catches. The customer also has the possibility to perform actions through the customer portal.

PestScan is a total package that offers a solution to all involved in the process of pest control. Technician, planner, customer, entrepreneur. All have a part in taking your quality level to the next level. Try for yourself how PestScan can support you. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Good to know: Please contact our sales department if you would like more information about what PestScan can do for you!

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