Basic solutions

With the basic functionalities of PestScan, pest management professionals work quickly and completely! You immediately work according to the most widely used best practice methods in the pest management industry.

Jobs/work orders

In PestScan, pest managers work with work orders or jobs. Jobs allow you to efficiently perform one-time visits. Work orders give you more extensive registration tools.

custom surveys
Create customizable surveys in PestScan for all your different risk analyses, site analyses and audits.
Floor plans
You use the floor plan to record all your checkpoints and recommendations. Use .pdf or .jpg images to upload as floor plans. You also use other basic PestScan solutions in conjunction with floor plans.
Activity thresholds

Together with your client, you can set a limit of pest activity. You set limits of catches and bait intake per control point or per room. The threshold functionality is fully compliant with IPM guidelines.

Create recommendations for your client during your visit or afterwards. You provide these recommendations with photos and display them in the online customer portal.
In PestScan, you have a complete dashboard of all your clients where you create trend analyses of control points, material consumption, rooms and pest species. Your client uses the same statistics for audits and internal accountability.
As the name suggests, PestScan stores all your necessary certificates, risk analyses and action plan documents in an orderly format. You choose which documents should be visible to your client. You can also upload product safety sheets and link them to specific articles.
Customer portal
In PestScan's customer portal, your client has insight into everything regarding the status of the control process. This includes recommendations, documents, visit reports, statistics and more.
Work simultaneously with two technicians in a work order
Available in 29 languages

More about PestScan's basic solutions

Working according to IPM (NEN-EN 16636:2015)

PestScan supports the ambitious pest controller in working according to the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

The entire PestScan platform, consisting of a mobile app, office software and a customer portal supports companies in complying with the NEN-EN 16636:2015 standardization for pest controllers.

Jobs and work orders ( Domestic or commercial clients)

Through the mobile app, you easily create new jobs and work orders. Jobs are generally used for one-time jobs and are optimized for a fast worklflow. This functionality is available as a basic solution in the PestScan software.

Work orders are used for recurring visits or contract customers and help you follow the Integrated Pest Management work model.

All your visits can be scheduled in both the mobile app and the office software. These visits can also be viewed by your client in the client portal.

Custom surveys

In PestScan’s office software, you can create customizable surveys that are used for a variety of purposes. Think of:

  • Risk analysis
  • Environmental analysis
  • Annual audit
  • Plan of action
  • Interim inspection

The survey questions are addressed in the app by the technician during a visit. After the visit, these questions are included in the visit report and shared with the client as needed.

Read on for more basic solutions to help you meet your client’s expectations.

Time registration

In the mobile app, you have the ability to work with time tracking. This allows you to track your travel time, time worked and break time during a work day. In the office software, you create reports per employee of times worked. Times worked are also recorded with the assignment you are working on. You can invoice these hours if you wish.

If you choose to work with time tracking in PestScan, you can immediately create reports of labor productivity per employee or client using the available data.

Floor plans

Floor plans are an essential component in the PestScan software. On the floor plan, you place checkpoints and recommendations that you manage as a pest controller. In the mobile app, you upload your own photos of a drawn floor plan.

Through the office software, you can also upload in .jpg and .pdf and .png formats. On the floor plan, you can see past situations. For each checkpoint, the active bait and the history of sightings.

Your client has access to the most recent map at all times.

Barcode scanning

Barcode Scanning allows you to barcode checkpoints.

Checkpoints you create are automatically provided with unique barcodes, which you can then print on sticker sheets.You can choose from a variety of universal sticker sheets or rolls with the choice of QR codes or 1D barcodes.

GPS tracking technicians

In PestScan, you have the option of working with GPS tracking of the technician. With this option, all checkpoint recordings are geolocated. This way you have proof at all times that the visit was actually performed. Your client does not see this information in the client portal.

Activity thresholds

Thresholds are essential for professional pest management companies. In the Netherlands, determining the maximum number of pests per room is considered one of the first steps in the IPM process.

PestScan provides for working with thresholds at both site level and checkpoint level. You set which notification is sent and who the recipient should be.


The recommendations section allows the technician to define follow-up actions. These can be actions for the client as well as for you.

PestScan facilitates a solution where client and you work closely together. Basic solutions like this are essential to PestScan.

The recommendations are of course visible on the visit report sent after an inspection. But recommendations can also be viewed and reviewed in the customer portal.

As a pest controller, you decide whether the client is allowed to edit recommendations.


In PestScan, we roughly distinguish two types of statistics reports: Internal reports and external reports.

The internal reports give you as a pest management company more insight into the work process. Think of stock reports, time registration per employee or client, login activity per client, permanent monitoring report. In addition, you have the possibility to create detailed reports of visit reports per client: planned time vs. realized time, realized time per client per employee, realized visits per visit type.

External reports are specific reports that deal with pest management at your client sites. The main reports are: material consumption, summary of visits and catches per checkpoint.


In PestScan, you easily upload documents in various places. This can be done in various image formats, PDF format and Office file types.

In PestScan, documents include product safety sheets, certificates, employee diplomas, action plans and risk inventories.

Instead of a document, you can also post a url to a document or video that is elsewhere on the Internet.

Customer portal

With PestScan, you have the ability to share the information from visits directly with your client without any additional work. Your clients have a personal online environment, where they can view all visits, reports, trends and recommendations. Maps showing the most current status of checkpoints are available for review.

With the PestScan customer portal, you have the ability to configure advanced rights structures. For example, if a client has multiple locations, and there is a different contact person at each location. You can manage various read and write permissions per user of the customer portal. This gives you the ability to be completely flexible in showing data to your client.

Advanced modules of PestScan
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Extended management reports

Create comprehensive reports in your PestScan environment of all your company’s data.

Invoicing module

You bill all your contract clients as well as one-time clients with the invoicing module.

Stock control module

You manage your inventory in different warehouse easily and conveniently with this module. In addition, various graphical reports are available for visual insight.

Permanent monitoring

PestScan has the ability to integrate with several smart sensors.

Extended planning tools

With this additional feature, you can gain more efficiency. Easily create visits for all your contracts for the entire year and beyond.

Route optimization module

With route optimization, you automatically calculate the most efficient routes for scheduled appointments.

Enterprise Module

A special module for larger companies with multiple business units. You have multiple PestScan environments, so to speak.

In-house pest management

This special module is designed for a company that organizes their pest management process themselves. Examples include food companies and hotel chains.

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