Extended management reports

Create comprehensive reports in your PestScan environment of all your company's data.

Flexibly interpret your data in PestScan.

Much of your business process is already logged in PestScan, but you would like to measure the output of your work. With the management reports module, you can create detailed reports in no time.

Many export options

With the PestScan management reports, you have the ability to export in-depth data. Namely:

  • Checkpoints from specific customers or employees.
  • Material usage of specific locations or employees
  • Recommendations by technician or location
  • Customer portal accounts
  • Locations with permanent monitoring
  • Visits per location or employee

In Excel, you can then filter, sort or create graphs based on the data.

Calculate labor productivity

PestScan allows you to work with time tracking. If you secure this process properly, PestScan allows you to easily calculate your labor productivity per employee.

Planned versus realized

You obviously want to have an overview of your planned work versus your realized work. With the management reports module you can create overviews of planned versus realized time per location, employee or subset thereof.

Other advanced modules
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Invoicing module

You bill all your contract customers as well as one-time customers with the billing module.

Stock control module

You manage your inventory in different warehouse easily and conveniently with this module. In addition, various graphical reports are available for visual insight.

Permanent monitoring

PestScan has the ability to integrate with various smart sensors.

Extended planning tools

With this additional feature, you can gain more efficiency. Easily create visits for all your contracts for the entire year.

Route optimization module

With route optimization, you automatically calculate the most efficient routes for scheduled appointments.

Enterprise Module

A special module for larger companies with multiple business units. You have multiple PestScan environments, so to speak.

In-house pest management

This special module is designed for a company that organizes their pest management process themselves. Examples include food companies and hotel chains.

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