In-house pest management

This special module is designed for a company that organizes its pest management process itself. Examples include food companies and hotel chains.

Your auditor requires a reliable and clear system of al pest records

With the PestScan In-house Pest Management module, you and your auditor (e.g. BRC, HACCP, IFS food or ISO 22000) have realistic insight into the status of pest management in your company at all times.

You independently execute pest work

Many companies hire a professional pest manager to handle pest management work.

Do you choose to have everything related to pest management done by an in-house quality management staff member? Then choose PestScan’s In-house pest management module.

Record all your attention points

If your company has taken hygienic or construction measures, you register these measures in PestScan. You handle the recommendations yourself and register them in the PestScan platform. Of course, you have the option of working with multiple employees in the PestScan system.

Connect with digital sensors

You have the ability to link with various vendors of digital traps or sensors. These traps give you feedback on status in PestScan. For example: catch, set trap, activity measured.

Account for your used biocides

In some industries, it is required to report poison usage levels to government agencies on a monthly basis. With PestScan, you can easily create reports of your used biocides or rodenticides over a period of time.

Use product safety sheets

Upload your product safety sheets, with information on the active ingredients.

Give your auditor or client access to the system

You have the ability to give auditors access to your system so they can watch remotely. Of course, you maintain control over what data the auditor can see.

Manage certificates and other documents

PestScan In-house Pest Management allows you to upload your acquired certificates. You also easily add diplomas and skills to employees.

Other advanced modules
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Extended management reports module

Create comprehensive reports in your PestScan environment of all your company’s data.

Stock control module

You manage your inventory in different warehouse easily and conveniently with this module. In addition, various graphical reports are available for visual insight.

Permanent monitoring

PestScan has the ability to integrate with various smart sensors.

Extended planning tools

With this additional feature, you can gain more efficiency. Easily create visits for all your contracts for the entire year.

Invoicing module

You bill all your contract customers as well as one-time customers with the billing module.

Enterprise Module

A special module for larger companies with multiple business units. You have multiple PestScan environments, so to speak.

Route optimization module

With route optimization, you automatically calculate the most efficient routes for scheduled appointments.

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