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How do you schedule your client appointments for 2022?

Are you also longing for a clear agenda in 2022 in which all your appointments are visible on both your mobile and office computer? Nothing is as annoying as an unclear agenda.

We work continuously on innovation

Within the calendar module of PestScan we have been working on many new functionalities over the past months to help our customers plan their appointments more efficiently. In conversation with developer Davey van Tilburg, I discovered that many improvements have been made based on the idea of ‘working intuitively’. That’s a nice starting point.

‘We listened carefully to comments from the field and built as many of the features mentioned as possible’

Davey van Tilburg – Ontwikkelaar @ PestScan

The main innovations are a more responsive display of the calendar module. Also, it is now possible to choose the number of columns that are visible. All in all, improvements that make the office work of the pest controller easier.

These are the most notable improvements:

  • Drag & drop of appointments
  • New clear day view
  • Shifting appointments between different employees

Integration with third parties

Furthermore, Davey talks about a new upcoming functionality, “We are currently working on a new integration with other popular digital calendars from other companies like Google and Microsoft. In this way, it will be possible for new customers to continue using their current online calendar, but also synchronize it with PestScan.” This makes it possible to see and adjust all appointments in PestScan as well.

Create overview with the employee view!


What are your good intentions for 2022? Try PestScan for a full month free of charge and discover for yourself the benefits of the intuitive calendar module. This way you always have a clear agenda at hand.

Good to know: Please contact our sales department if you would like more information about what PestScan can do for you!

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