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IPM more effective with a digital logbook

What is IPM?

The abbreviation IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management and has become a well-known concept in the world of pest management. In short, IPM means that a pest controller uses all possibilities before switching to the use of designated pesticides. Because the recording of information has become so important, the use of the digital logbook is very useful.

How IPM changed the work of the pest controller

The work of the pest controller has changed enormously with the arrival of IPM. Assuming that the pest controller always delivered good quality in his work, this is no longer sufficient at IPM and this quality must also be recorded. First of all by obtaining a recognized training and then by applying what has been learned so that his advice and documentation are of a high level. Finally, the use of IPM is important in order to prevent the use of pesticides or when necessary to show that the use is necessary.

Many pest controllers are not happy with this changed set of requirements that their work has to meet. For obvious reasons they have become pest controllers instead of office workers. Still, they have to deal with a lot of administration in their work.

The use of a digital logbook is the future

In the coming years, the rules for the use of pesticides will be further tightened. In conjunction with this, the need for more complete and professional reporting will increase so that the pest controller can substantiate his work. The digital logbook will raise the level of documentation considerably. Of course, working on paper is still possible, but it will not become easier with increasing regulations. Using the digital logbook from PestScan is the future.

PestScan supports the pest controller in IPM

The PestScan software offers a digital logbook and supports the pest controller in working well documented. In short, the pest controller can enter all the advice he gives and all the work he does directly into PestScan on his phone. This supports the use of IPM because his reporting becomes very complete and he can show what resources he has used to prevent nuisance. PestScan definitely meets the requirements of documentation of IPM.

Would you like to know more about how PestScan professionalizes your work? Do not hesitate and contact us!

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