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Isn’t a notepad much cheaper than PestScan?

If you work on paper, you have always done so! Why should you do it differently as a pest controller?

“This paper note is much cheaper than PestScan”.

You might think so. But if your customer wants a trend analysis, you have to transfer everything from paper to the computer so that you can make a nice graph and send it to the customer. How long does that take?

If you are super-fast and know how to use Excel, it will take about 15 minutes per customer, and if 12 visits per year have to be updated, that is easily 3 hours of work per year.

Putting it to the test

Let’s do the math. Suppose you charge 70 euros an hour for your work as a pest controller, which will cost you three times 70 euros, that is 210 euros per customer per year. (And as I write down this simplified calculation, I note that there is of course much more administration involved in the work of a pest controller). 210 Euros! Wow!

Register all your findings with your mobile phone

With Pestscan, you can enter the data directly into your phone at the customer’s premises, and when you go to your car, it is automatically synchronised with the software. Immediately your trend analysis is updated, and your customer can see it.

With the customer portal, your customer has full insight into your registration process. No discussion afterwards!

Spending less time on administrative work

You don’t need to be a maths genius to understand this. PestScan is cheaper than this paper note.

Another example: We spoke to a customer of ours last week (a company with two pest controllers and one person in administration). He spends 30% less time on his work. Here, too, you can do the math.

Good to know: Please contact our sales department if you would like more information about the possibilities that PestScan can offer you!

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