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Opportunities for the pest manager in times of corona

At PestScan, we see that digitalization in the pest control market continues at a rapid pace. We see this as our customer base continues to grow unabated. Like for everyone else, the beginning of corona was a time to wonder how things would turn out for our company. We now have the peace of mind and certainty that the work will continue. You too, may have gained a better understanding of the impact of corona on your business. We would like to look at the opportunities for pest control in this time of corona. What opportunities do we see?

Opportunity 1: Availability of new personnel

Up until March 2020, we heard from all of our customers that they had a lot of work and were having trouble finding new and well-trained staff. When they found new pest control professionals, they often had to train them. Well-skilled personnel is becoming prohibitively expensive. For example, we have a customer in Germany who had found a pest manager who was asking for 5000 euros gross salary per month. Currently, the availability of personnel has increased, and it is a good time to invest in expansion with an eye to the future. What we have noticed is that PestScan’s customers abroad expand more than customers in the Netherlands.

Opportunity 2: Digital logbook

Another opportunity we see being exploited by pest controllers in this time of corona is that they are investing in setting up and using our digital logbook PestScan. Once the hospitality industry and stores reopen you will be ready to work more efficiently and professionally. In PestScan, your work is fully documented and also meets the requirements of IPM. Anyway, we always hear that winter is a quieter time for pest controllers, so now is a good time to get to know PestScan. To that purpose, we kindly offer a free trial month. When you start now you will be ready for spring. Finally, we know that starting with PestScan is perceived by some people as tense, complicated and difficult. Meanwhile, we know from experience that PestScan is so intuitive that the majority of pest controllers get off to a flawless start after a short run, regardless of the age of the pest controller.

Opportunity 3: Invest in digital traps

Finally, we see it as an ultimate opportunity to orient yourself this winter to digital traps and possibly start using them too. We see that the pest market is evolving rapidly and this, in our opinion, is the biggest change. Many digital traps are already connected to PestScan. We work together with several suppliers: Xignal, e-Mitter, PestWatcher, TrapLinked and TrapMe. The choice for a system is up to you, for PestScan there is no difference from which system the information enters our software.

Do you dare to think in terms of opportunities?

We see several opportunities for pest control, and we see that our customers have very different approaches. The result, in our view, will be that the differences between companies will increase as is already visible in the market. As PestScan we work with large and small companies and we give each company the opportunity to make the same professionalization steps. Research does show that companies that invest often grow better. Also, at PestScan we have been doing this since the start of our company. Do you dare to think in terms of opportunities in this time of corona?

Would you like to get to know PestScan better? We would love to hear from you.


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