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Pest Control Software that fits the needs of ‘any’ pest controller

Pest control software and a mobile app where our customers can influence the final product are important to us at PestScan. In Paris, during Parasitec 2021, Jan Smits (CEO) talks to Manuel Idalécio.

Manuel has been using the office application in combination with PestScan’s mobile app for two years now in his company Dionisio Services in Limoges. The company has six pest controllers. As an entrepreneur, he knows how PestScan can relieve him of administrative work and he likes to share his vision with us on how PestScan can even better meet his specific needs in the future.

‘This adjustment in the software will save me a lot of time’.

Manuel Dionisio – Dionisio Services Limoges

Serving you to simplify

Manuel has a few specific wishes for the pest software. He says: “I would like the work orders to be searchable by number”. During the conversation he calls his office and makes screenshots so that he can make his wish clear. Jan explains that this is a relatively small adjustment that can be realised. “This will save me a lot of time!”, Manuel says.

Stéphane Parahy of Ensystex also takes part in the discussion. Ensystex has been a PestScan reseller in France for over five years. Our customers find it pleasant to communicate in their mother tongue. Through resellers we are close to the customer with PestScan. They have direct contact in their own language and when they have questions, they are helped in their own language.

Dedicated to pest controllers

After the meeting, Jan says: “These are very important conversations for me because I want the pest control software from PestScan to fit the pest managers. They know the work of the pest controller better than I do! Jan goes on to say: “PestScan is only used by pest controllers. Of course, this is a great help to connect our pest control software and our mobile app to the pest control industry”.


PestScan also has to deal with the challenges of making choices. Which wishes will you build and which not? “If we would implement all the wishes that customers bring in, the software would become cluttered and confusing. And that while we strive for intuitive software,” says Jan. We gladly accept these challenges. Sometimes we conclude that an adjustment is only possible if we make something specifically for a customer. We keep balancing between individual wishes and generic solutions.

Good to know: Please contact our sales department if you would like more information about the possibilities that PestScan can offer you!

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