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  • Language: You can choose from one of twenty languages
  • Planning: An efficient planning helps you to do your work in the available time.
  • Reports: Efficient time management is of crucial importance. PestScan helps you to detect if your planning manages the actual situation.
  • Personalization:For PestScan, your company is at the center of things, so we do all to make your work as easy as possbile for you.
  • Visit reports:After a visit, you want to easily get an overview of the visit. In PestScan, immediately after sending in a work order from the app, a visit report is generated.
  • Floorplans:Know where the checkpoints are at a customer’s site and do your inspection faster and easier. The visit can also easily be done by a colleague.
  • Route optimization: A productive day starts by planning the optimal route connecting today’s visit locations. PestScan helps you to calculate your route with its route planning feature.
  • Statistics: Trends help you to see where the problems are at a site.
  • Stock control: PestScan helps you keep track of your stocks.
  • Document management: Want to keep important documents at hand? That is exactly what PestScan helps you to do.
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