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Are you prepared for the rapidly changing laws and regulations in Europe?

As a provider of pest management software, PestScan has had a lot of contact with a wide range of pest control companies over the past year about the changes in laws and regulations in the Netherlands and more broadly in Europe. PestScan sees that this change is impactful for the business operations of many pest control companies. With its digital registration platform PestScan tries to respond as closely as possible to the needs coming to them from the industry. The article highlights some facets of PestScan that will help you create a digital dossier in line with the latest standards of integrated pest management.

Are you prepared for a digital future?

Registration process in PestScan

PestScan’s digital logbook consists of three components. The mobile app, where the technician records all findings on site. The office software, where the user schedules visits and checks work orders afterwards. And the customer portal, where recommendations and statistics can be viewed by the customer. 

Pest risk inventory

PestScan’s mobile app supports the technician in going through the Pest Risk Inventory. All questions to be asked in this are included in the questionnaire in the mobile app. The standard questionnaire can be customised if required. This risk inventory ultimately forms the basis for the Action Plan. This action plan can be created in a word processing programme and then uploaded in PestScan as a client-specific document, so that the client is included in the entire process of control. 

The use of documents and certificates

For secure recording of all documents and certificates, the PestScan office software is used. Safety sheets and certificates are automatically shared with the customer in accordance with the latest laws and regulations. The customer can access all these documents on her personal environment. 

According to new regulations, pest control companies’ business information must always be available to customers. PestScan’s customer portal contains this data.


On-site technicians spend a lot of time on visual recording, hence on-site support from a mobile app is important in observations. The recommendations made by the technician are immediately visible to the customer, in the customer portal. The inspection report can also be found in the customer portal after a visit.

PestScan notices that companies that actively work with the customer portal and approach their customer through the customer portal deliver more successful and effective control than customers

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