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Your data stored safely at PestScan

Where are my data stored?

Safely Stored

All of PestScan’s data is stored in our database on the server, which in practice is also called the Cloud and is simply a computer located somewhere. In our case, we have our own server in the Netherlands which only we, as employees of PestScan, can access. Our server is hosted in a professional data center. And so companies like Google or Amazon cannot access your information.

There are companies who prefer to install PestScan on their own computer because they think it’s safer. However, we see many reasons why this is not the case. What do you do if your computer is stolen or suddenly breaks down due to short circuit, age or whatever reason? And do you know how to make backups and how often do you plan to do so? Therefore, we see no reason why a company would put the information on its own computer.

How well are my data protected?

Your data are stored as securely as possible. Naturally, our database is secured according to strict contemporary standards. Furthermore, this is frequently checked via security audits carried out by a certified company. Moreover, we have optimized our security with the recommendations from these audits. Finally, the data center where your data are kept has the necessary IP certification.

Can my competitors see my data?

This is impossible. Because every customer has their own unique login details so nobody can access your information. Of course, it is very important that you are careful with your login data, but this is no different than with handling your login data from your bank or other software you log in to. Thus, the biggest security leak is the user himself.

One question we come across quite often is whether we at PestScan are handling your data safely. Especially companies that have just acquired large new customers may fear that we are passing this information on to other parties. However, we as PestScan would be shooting ourselves in the foot if we would proceed to these practices. Besides the fact that we maintain high standards when it comes to norms and values, this would be the end of our existence in a very short time.

How often do you back up?

At PestScan, we automatically back up all the information that is stored once every 24 hours during the night. And we do this to ensure that no more than one day’s work can be lost, which has never happened in the eleven years we’ve been in existence. This means that your data is safe within PestScan.

By the way, all the information you enter into PestScan is your information. And should you ever want to leave us, you can request a backup and we will download it from the system for you at labor cost. In short, we can conclude that your data is safely stored at PestScan.

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