Why permanent monitoring? Isn’t that extremely expensive?

We do understand you thought very well. Of course, if you look purely at the cost of the traps, it is. But permanent monitoring requires a completely different way of working, looking and thinking with many advantages. Permanent monitoring requires a totally new price and operation model. Permanent monitoring will not suit every client. However, the […]

You can give all the advice you want, but the mice keep walking around…

You work hard as a pest controller, but of course, your client has to implement it.  Otherwise, you can give all the advice you want, but the mice will keep walking around. In the worst case, your client may even blame you. What can you do to support your client? With PestScan you can certainly […]

26 Languages

You work in a country where several languages are spoken.  Or you work at an international company that operates in multiple countriesd.  Part of your staff works in one language, another part in a second language.  Can PestScan then run in the different languages? PestScan is fully multilingual. “Yes, it can!  Belgian, Swiss, Canadian, and […]

Do you know the value of your inventory?

How many fly lamps or mouse boxes do I have? Where are they? Who pays for them? Are they disappearing? How do I keep an overview? What is my stock value? “It is so important to have an overview”. Are they with the customers? Or with my staff in the car? I had ordered 100 […]

Isn’t a notepad much cheaper than PestScan?

If you work on paper, you have always done so! Why should you do it differently as a pest controller? “This paper note is much cheaper than PestScan”. You might think so. But if your customer wants a trend analysis, you have to transfer everything from paper to the computer so that you can make […]

Exhibition calendar 2022

This year we will be present at various exhibitions in the Netherlands and other places in Europe. Below you will find an overview of our exhibition agenda. We look forward to meeting you there. And we would love to tell you more about how PestScan can help your business grow. PestEx London: March 16-17 One […]

Do you want to take your service to a higher quality level this year?

What are your quality targets for 2022? How is your professional pest management certification coming along? Parties such as CEPA and ISO have developed a range of standards that can help you raise the quality of your service. It also provides a measure of confidence to your customers that you are professional in your services. […]

How do you schedule your client appointments for 2022?

Are you also longing for a clear agenda in 2022 in which all your appointments are visible on both your mobile and office computer? Nothing is as annoying as an unclear agenda. We work continuously on innovation Within the calendar module of PestScan we have been working on many new functionalities over the past months […]

Pest Control Software that fits the needs of ‘any’ pest controller

Pest control software and a mobile app where our customers can influence the final product are important to us at PestScan. In Paris, during Parasitec 2021, Jan Smits (CEO) talks to Manuel Idalécio. Manuel has been using the office application in combination with PestScan’s mobile app for two years now in his company Dionisio Services […]

Bilingual Pest Control Software

“Working with PestScan in two languages works great!” says Bram van Balen of Ten Dijk Plaagdierbeheersing B.V. and TDS GmbH. “You just switch from one account to the other. It’s ideal that it’s set up identically. We find the uniform work a great advantage.” Bram explains that Ten Dijk is a German and a Dutch […]