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You can give all the advice you want, but the mice keep walking around…

You work hard as a pest controller, but of course, your client has to implement it.  Otherwise, you can give all the advice you want, but the mice will keep walking around. In the worst case, your client may even blame you.

What can you do to support your client?

With PestScan you can certainly do something with that!  Read along with me:

  1. Support your recommendation with a photo.  You take this with your phone and upload it directly into the PestScan mobile app.
  2. Draw a circle or an arrow with your finger immediately after taking the photo to highlight the areas of interest in your photos.
  3. Link your recommendation to the spot on the map where your client needs to take action.
  4. Your client sees the recommendation in the customer portal.  Ask your client to ”complete” the recommended action point after implementing the advice. 
  5. Approve or reject it, and in the latter case, put your recommendation back on the customer’s to-do list.

Interaction between PestScan users and their customer

Your customer can also give recommendations to you. For example, if he sees that there are especially a lot of pests in a certain room. It’s very helpful if this information is passed to you.

Good to know: Contact our sales department for more information about all PestScan features

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