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Well-documented work as a requirement of IPM

Many countries have imposed significant restrictions on the use of biocides outside the home, and as a pest controller you are expected to document your work well. Thus, working well documented is a requirement of IPM. But what is considered good documentation and how can you realize this? In the past everyone worked on paper, but over time the need and use of the digital logbook PestScan has increased enormously. And that’s for a good reason.

What are the IPM requirements?

IPM requires, among other things, that the pest controller assesses general hygiene at businesses and, most importantly, advises those businesses what actions they should take to prevent pests. In addition, a pest controller will also provide architectural advice, such as advising to seal rooms hermetically. All of these preventive measures take on an important place in preventing pests. IPM requires that you record everything down to the last detail and that requires full reporting. How easy it is to be able to enter all the advices instantly into the PestScan app on the phone, so your customer can see them directly on his computer.

Cooperation and advice

You need cooperation with your client! After all, cooperation with employees of the company where you do the pest control has also become an important part of your work. For example, you give advice that your client must follow. What do you do if they don’t follow the advice and the mice happily continue to multiply? And even better is the question: “What do you do if they think you are not doing your job properly? And they think you should use poison when you know this is not allowed just like that?” Therefore, your advice alone is not enough. Because the IPM system only works properly when the client also follows your advice closely. We at PestScan also foresaw this problem.

How does PestScan support well-documented work?

Besides the fact that it is very easy to enter all your work and advices in PestScan, there is also the possibility to support your advices with photos. This way, the customer receives your advice extra clearly! In addition, we find it important that the customer can check off the advice when he has followed it. Of course, now the thought occurs to you: “They can check it off, but have they actually followed the advice?” We have thought about this as well. Therefore, you can also reject your customer’s following of the advice again, so your customer sees that the action to follow up your advice is open again.

Automatic documentation when using electric traps

When you, as a pest manager, start using electric traps, such as those from Xignal, e-Mitter, PestWatcher, TrapLinked and TrapMe, PestScan’s digital log will automatically be filled with information. And PestScan will provide an alert when a rat or mouse has been caught. On the map in PestScan, you will see the trap light up where the catch is. In addition to greatly decreasing the documentation burden, as a pest manager you will be even more compliant with the requirements of the IPM system. After all, this will allow you to intervene immediately and prevent an infestation from occurring in a short period of time. In addition, there will be no long-lasting stinking carcasses left at your customer’s premises, as they can be removed immediately.

A professional report as the ultimate proof of your documentation

Finally, PestScan has all the features to show beautiful reports with graphs and tables to your customers. These reports show the developments of the pests over a longer period of time. Your own efforts and those of your customers can also be clearly displayed. This will also support IPM.

In short, PestScan will effectively support you to work well documented and meet the requirements of IPM. You can experience this yourself by using PestScan one month for free.

Do you want to get to know PestScan better and discover how you can better meet the documentation requirements? Don’t hesitate and contact us today.

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