Why permanent monitoring? Isn’t that extremely expensive?

We do understand you thought very well. Of course, if you look purely at the cost of the traps, it is. But permanent monitoring requires a completely different way of working, looking and thinking with many advantages.

Permanent monitoring requires a totally new price and operation model.

Permanent monitoring will not suit every client. However, the industrial baker, who doesn’t want to find a mouse in his baked bread, will have high demands. They want control and perfection. These clients are willing to pay for it!

A model where your client:

  1. Pays for the fact that they know  immediately that a first mouse has been caught.Draw a circle or an arrow with your finger immediately after taking the photo to highlight the areas of interest in your photos.
  2. Knows that you also immediately see a report in PestScan.Your client sees the recommendation in the customer portal. 
  3. Knows that they pay for your work when there is work and not for needless trips to inspect untouched boxes.
  4. No longer pay for a certain number of visits but for a service contract where you maintain traps and act if an infestation starts to develop.

PestScan connects with different partners

PestScan is linked to: Emitter, Traplinked, Trapme and Xignal. This allows you to offer a very professional total package to you client. And if your client wants to work on the quality level of permanent monitoring, this can hardly be separated from PestScan.

And to return to the question of whether permanent monitoring is expensive. When looking at the complete picture, I think the answer must be: “no, it’s worth it!”

Good to know: Contact our sales department for more information about all PestScan features

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