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As a pest control company, you consider high customer engagement all too important. Good cooperation is the basis for faster and better results in prevention. Do you also see the importance of a common online platform for recording and maintaining recommendations? PestScan is currently working on the renewal of the recommendations module. Input from the field is the basis of the improvements we are implementing.

Changes in the legal landscape

Within the European Union, the past 10 years have seen a significant movement in establishing rules for pest management. “It is increasingly enforced that pest management is done ecologically and animal friendly,” said Jan Smits, founder of PestScan.

The scope of the renewed European legislation will cause quite a change in pest control on a national level. The way in which documentation is done will change drastically in the coming years, leading up to the new important date of 1 January 2023. From this date onwards, the IPM standards will also have to be met for indoor pest control. The pest controller will therefore spend a much larger part of her time on administrative work.

Incorporate recommendations into PestScan

PestScan’s recommendations module is entirely designed to minimize the paperwork of the pest controller. We are seeing increased administrative pressure on pest controllers with the advent of IPM. The new recommendations module in PestScan will help you to keep the cooperation between you and the client efficient and accurate. This will enable you to continue working efficiently and accurately.

A technician will observe various points of interest when executing a work order. These are shown in PestScan within the recommendations module. This eradication advice is drawn up together with the client. Together with your customer, you monitor the developments.

In the PestScan app, these points of interest are noted and provided with visual material. The customer has the possibility to see all her recommendations through the customer portal, also the customer can add his own recommendations through the customer portal. We see that it is not always easy for pest controllers to work according to the guidelines of Intergrated Pest Management (IPM), so we see the need to continue to learn from our customers and take their wishes into account.

Want to try out PestScan?

PestScan constantly invests in optimizing the process to make it as easy as possible for you as a pest controller. With a team of experiences in-house developers, we work daily to make our software easy to use. If you would like to know more about PestScan and our mobile app, office software and customer portal, please join our online webinar or request a free demo.

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